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Nature’s Fresh – Part II

Continuing on with more uses for Nature’s Fresh.  I have a problem with using chemical based products in my home…and it boils down to the simple fact that they are not safe! The idea of using toxic chemicals to clean my house just scares me and I have had allergic reactions to many of these products. So I have found safe products that do the job without harming my health and the health of my family. If you feel the same way and would like to reduce the number of products you’re using to clean your home keep reading.

The two main products I use include Nature’s Fresh and Sunshine Concentrate (more on this product in another post) from Nature’s Sunshine. These two products are extremely effective, multi-purpose and they are non-toxic!

Here are some great ideas and recipes on how to use Nature’s Fresh:

General Cleaning

  • Cleans walls, will remove food stains, cigarette smoke and dirt. For spots spray on directly, for large jobs mix 1/4 cup with one gallon of water and a capful of Sunshine Concentrate to create an effective general cleaning solution.
  • It’s also great for cleaning counter tops, cabinets and floors in the kitchen and bathroom. For these jobs it can be sprayed on directly, or diluted in water (about 1/8 cup per gallon). Add about 15-20 drops of disinfecting essential oil such as thyme or tea tree and you have an all-natural disinfectant spray for kitchen and bathroom cleaning.
  • Nature’s Fresh can also be sprayed on towels and wash cloths to keep them smelling fresh.
  • When diluted with an equal amount of water, Nature’s Fresh makes an excellent glass cleaner.
  • Spray it anywhere mold and mildew accumulate. It is even more effective when essential oils have been added to it. It will remove the mildew and sets up a protective barrier that lasts around a month.

Clothes and Laundry

  • Spray Nature’s Fresh directly on stains to help remove them and onto shoes to help with foot odors. To remove odors, spray Nature’s Fresh directly on clothes and allow them to air out for a short period of time. This will work for body odor, cigarette smoke, and other smells.
  • You can also you Nature’s Fresh in your laundry to remove stains, boost the strength of your detergent, and eliminate bacteria. Put 1/4 to 1/2 cup in with each load and let it set for a few minutes before beginning the cycle. NSP’s Sunshine Concentrate is also excellent for using as a detergent.

Air Freshener

  • Nature’s Fresh makes a wonderful air freshener. It won’t just mask odors but will actually break them down and eliminate them. Spray it directly on the affected areas to help remove dirt, pet accidents and odors, cooking odors, etc. Many people have reported that it works much better than Fabreeze TM and is completely non-toxic.
  • To create a pleasant smelling air freshener spray, simply add about 15-20 drops of one of your favorite essential oils (lemon, pink grapefruit, lavender, etc.) to a bottle of Nature’s Fresh.


  • Another great use for Nature’s Fresh is that it can be added to the dishwasher in place of a spot remover. It helps remove stains and odors from plastic storage container when sprayed onto the container and allowed to sit for a few minutes before washing.

Carpet Cleaning

  • Use Nature’s Fresh to clean stains, spots and odors from your carpet. Simply spray it directly on the affected area and blot with a towel. It can also be used in carpet cleaning machines. Mix 1/4 cup of Nature’s Fresh with three gallons of water and use it in the carpet cleaning machine along with the detergent.
  • Sunshine Concentrate and a few drops of essential oils also can be used as an alternative to the chemical carpet shampoos. Be sure to use cold water and let the mixture sit for about 30 minutes to activate the enzymes.

Other Uses

  • Traveling: Mix up a combination of Nature’s Fresh and a few drops of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, or Guardian oil in a 2 or 4 oz. spray bottle and carry it with you when you travel. Spray it around your hotel room to get rid of odors and chemicals. Spray it on toilet seats before using public restrooms. Use it in the car to give automobiles a clean, fresh smell.
  • Clogged Drains: The enzymes in Nature’s Fresh can break down material that is clogging drains. Pour a bottle of Nature’s Fresh down the drain, let it sit overnight and run hot water through it the next morning. Enzymes are excellent for septic tanks as well.
  • Body Odor: Use Nature’s Fresh in place of chemical underarm deodorants. It eliminates odor for about 3-4 hours but will last even longer when essential oils have been added. To help eliminate odors from the inside out, take chlorophyll capsules or liquid internally, too.
  • Pets: Nature’s Fresh is great for pets. Spray it right on your dog to eliminate odor. It will even remove the smell of skunk if your pet gets sprayed. Spray it on the cat litter box and give the cat some chlorophyll to eliminate odors.
  • Plants: Mix Nature’s Fresh with water to water your plants. It appears to help plants hydrate faster and grow better. It can also be mixed with water and sprayed directly on plants to freshen them, or put in the water for cut flowers.
  • Mouthwash: Use a little to swish around your mouth to get rid of bad breath. It will also help your teeth and gums and some people even brush their teeth with it.

To learn more and to purchase Nature’s Fresh, Sunshine Concentrate, or the essential oils mentioned in this article click here.

*The enzymes in Nature’s Fresh are stable as long as the product is not exposed to heat. (Enzymes become inactive or are destroyed at temperatures above 120 degrees.) For this reason, Nature’s Fresh should be stored at a temperature less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.*

*Look for Nature’s Fresh – Part III coming soon.


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Is it a fruit or is it a vegetable?

I’m talking about the ever so delicious avocado.

And if you said fruit you would be correct!

Did you know that avocados:

  • Contain 60% more potassium than bananas? A medium-sized one packs about 850 mg!
  • Are also rich in the phytochemical beta-sitosterol which promotes normal cholesterol levels and a healthy prostate.
  • Ounce for ounce, avocados are a superior source for many nutrients including glutathione, a potent antioxidant, and the eye health protector lutein.
  • Are high in protein.
  • Are rich in an oil that contains vitamins A, D, and E and contains 14 minerals especially copper and iron.
  • Are rich in phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and manganese.
  • And yes they are high in fat but it’s a good kind of fat that your body needs called a monounsaturated fat and it’s low in saturated fat and has 0 cholesterol.
  • Are an excellent nutrient dense food that are helplful for stabilizing blood sugar, are an aid in blood and tissue regeneration, are beneficial to the cardiovascular system and are also proving to be helpful for joint health.

So say yes to avocados the next time you are in the supermarket and know you are giving your body something nutritious and tasty at the same time!

Here is one of my favorite recipes that is super simple. I use this as a spread for sandwiches and wraps, as a dip and of course on mexican food. Yummy!


Makes 2 Servings
TIME NEEDED: 10 minutes

1 ripe avocado
½ small chopped tomato
1 thinly sliced green onion
Juice of ½ lemon
¼ teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon salsa


Mash avocado with fork in small bowl. Add remaining ingredients. Serve with  non-GMO corn chips, whole wheat tortillas, or sliced veggies.


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Nature’s Fresh – Part I

I’m constantly amazed by this product! It is one of those that you must have on hand because it will help just about anything. In our household we have used it to freshen laundry baskets, the car interior, our carpets, and even on our dog! Plus we have used it on sore muscles, aching backs, and as a gargle for sore throats. It works and we love this stuff!

O.K. your probably thinking “What is it and what does it do that’s so great?” Well, Nature’s Fresh to put it simply is a liquid enzyme product. It consists of a mixture of six different classes of enzymes which are derived from plants and suspended in water. It also contains a small amount of surfactant (an agent to reduce liquid surface tension so it will spread out) to help evenly disperse the enzymes when sprayed.

This product was initially introduced by Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) back in the 80’s as a household stain remover and deodorizing agent. And it is remarkably effective for these uses. What NSP didn’t realize was that they had developed a product that was an amazing aid for healing the body as well.

It all started when some innovative NSP managers felt inspired to spray Nature’s Fresh over the area of a spinal slipped disk. They had read that disks were composed mostly of enzymes and decided to try using the enzymes in Nature’s Fresh topically to promote healing in the disk. It worked! Word got out and soon NSP managers were spraying Nature’s Fresh on just about everything with almost miraculous results.

Here is a list of uses for Nature’s Fresh:

Household Uses:

Air Freshening and Odor Removal

Carpet Cleaning and Spotting

Dish-washing Aid

Laundry Spot Remover and Freshener

Mold and Mildew Remover

Natural Underarm Deodorant

Pet Deodorizer

Topical Spray For:


Arthritis Pain

Back Pain

Bites and Stings

Breast Problems (ie. Cysts)

Broken Bones

Bumps and Bruises

Disk Problems (slipped, herniated, bulging, etc.)

Fibromyalgia Pains

Menstrual Pain

Muscle Spasms and Cramps

Rashes and Skin Irritations

Sprains and Pulls

Sunburn and Other Burns


Wounds, Infection, Injuries

Internal Uses:

Digestive Problems

Gargle for Sore Throat


pH Balancer

Yeast Infections

Click here to purchase Nature’s Fresh!

*Watch for more on Nature’s Fresh in Part II where I will be listing recipes for specific problems and how to use it in a variety of ways.*

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Proactive steps towards wellness:

  1. Increase your water intake.
  2. Exercise regularly (5 times per week, 30-45 minutes).
  3. Get plenty of good quality sleep.
  4. Maintain a balanced diet of good carbohydrates (fruits, veggies, grains, and legumes), good fats, and protein.
  5. Take nutritional supplements targeted to your specific needs as well as eliminate fast foods and saturated fats.
  6. Wash your hands frequently and practice “Good Hygiene.”
  7. De-stress your mind and body with yoga, meditation, spiritual practices, or do something you enjoy that relaxes you such as a favorite hobby. Take some time just for you even if it’s 10 minutes a day.
  8. Detoxify your system and take your vitamins.
  9. Have fun and laugh every day. Humor is good medicine.
  10. Develop positive personal and professional relationships.
  11. Practice “Deep breathing” shallow breathing affects health dramatically.

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