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Nature’s Fresh – Part III

First Aid in a Spray Bottle

This is the third edition to uses for Nature’s Fresh. Please see the previous posts on this amazing product by clicking here and here.

New discoveries are being made constantly when it comes to Nature’s Fresh. It really works wonders on the human body. The latest studies are showing that enzymes can not only break down substances, they also change chemical structures, creating new compounds the body can use.

Nature’s Fresh can be sprayed on topically for a wide variety of health issues. This product can even be taken internally as well. About 1-2 tablespoons per day can help heal both acute and chronic health problems. Nature’s Freshtastes a bit soapy, but you can disguise the taste in something like pineapple juice without deactivating the enzymes.

Natures’ Fresh First Aid Uses:

Pain Relief

To relieve pain use Nature’s Freshtopically. It works even better when some Deep Relief essential oil is added to it. Spray this mixture on to help alleviate tension, arthritis, back pain, injuries, etc.  Many people have reported dramatic results with easing arthritis pain using Nature’s Fresh. People with fibromyalgia have used Nature’s Fresh both topically and internally to ease the severe pains they often experience. It’s important to realize that Nature’s Fresh is not a permanent cure for these problems, so dietary changes, other supplements, etc. are needed to remove the underlying causes of painful conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Back and Disk Problems

People with chronic back pain or disk problems have experienced much relief by using Nature’s Fresh. It can be used by itself or in combination with Deep Relief oil or Tei Fu oil to ease pain and promote healing.  Another interesting use for this product is to massage Lobelia Extract and Tei Fu oil into the muscles along both sides of the spine, then spray on Nature’s Fresh. This can help realign the spine without having to go to the chiropractor.

It has been reported that Nature’s Freshis very effective for disk problems. It has been applied topically to easy pain and promote healing for slipped disks, herniated disks and degenerative disks. It can also be mixed with PLS II and a little goldenseal to make a poultice, which can be applied over areas in the back with disk problems to promote healing without surgery.

Breast Problems

For women with fibrocystic breasts or other lumps spraying Nature’s Fresh on the breasts has helped lumps disappear. Using Nature’s Fresh as a deodorant instead of using the regular (containing aluminum) underarm anti-perspirant deodorants is just one more way of eliminating the toxins we put on our skin. These toxins are absorbed by the body and can do much harm.One NSP Manager had a client who started using Nature’s Fresh for a deodorant and had a breast lump she had had for over 10 years disappear. Other women have started using chlorophyll internally and  Nature’s Fresh externally to control body odors as a means of keeping their breasts healthy and are reporting good results.

Injuries and Burns

For minor injuries use Nature’s Fresh topically to prevent bruising and reduce swelling. It will also help bruises heal faster. It is helpful for strains, sprains and even will help broken bones heal faster. Apply Nature’s Fresh topically to injured areas. Another way to use it which has been mentioned earlier is to use the liquid to mix a poultice to apply to an injury. All you need to do is empty capsules of PLS II or Bone/Skin Poultice, then add enough Nature’s Fresh to the powders to make a paste. Apply the paste to the injured area and cover with a bandage. (Poultices should be changed every 6-8 hours.)

You can also use Nature’s Fresh topically to relieve the itch, swelling and discomfort of bites and stings. People report it has been effective for ant bites, mosquito bites, chigger bits, and even jelly fish stings.

Nature’s Fresh can help ease the pain of sunburn and promote more rapid healing. Apply aloe vera gel liberally to the affected area, then spray repeatedly with Nature’s Fresh to keep the skin moist.

Other Uses

It can be taken internally to balance out the body’s pH. It’s important to test your pH with testing strips before and after taking it for a few days. It is a very effective way to balance the system.

Nature’s Fresh can also help to heal problems with the gums and teeth. Use it as a mouth rinse or brushed onto the teeth and gums. A great mouthwash solution for gingivitis is a mixture of Nature’s Fresh and colloidal silver. Nature’s Fresh and clove oil can be used together to ease toothache pain. Nature’s Fresh has also been reported to keep teeth from getting sore after getting braces.

As you can see the uses for Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray are limitless. Having this indispensable product on hand in your first aid kit will truly be a lifesaver. Try a bottle today!

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