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Golden Seal – Herbal Supplement

One of my favorite herbs lately is Golden Seal.  My usual go to remedy has and will continue to be Silver Shield however I’ve noticed and you may have noticed that these “bugs” are mutating and are even more difficult to eradicate. Even natural medicine is needing to adjust what to use for these things.  That means we turn to other herbs or a combination of herbs and Silver Shield.

Golden Seal is one of those herbs that is very effective for so many types of germs including bacteria, virus, fungi etc. It’s traditional uses  include helping to support the mucous membranes that line the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts. It tonifies, astringes and cools this first line of immune defense in the body.  It’s wonderful for urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and all kinds of other infections.

It’s properties include: Blood Purifier, Antacid, Antibacterial, Antidiabetic, Antimicrobial, Antiparasitic, Antipruritic, Antiseptic, Antiviral, Aperitive, Appetite Stimulant, Astrigent, Bitter, Cholagogue, Detergent, Emmenagogue, Hemostatic, Hypoglycemic, Insulinomimetic, Nervice, Stomachic

Things you should be aware of before taking Golden Seal are:

Golden Seal lowers blood sugar levels which of course is of benefit to some borderline diabetics but avoided in those with hypoglycemia.  It’s been recommended not to take it continuously for more than a week at a time. Also it’s not recommended for pregnant women since it can influence uterine muscles and someone with autoimmune disorders where the immune system is over active ( ie. M.S., Lupus, Hodgkins, etc.)

Of course consult your health care practitioner for dosage and time needed to deal with your specific issue. You can also contact me for more information and I would be happy to test it for you over the phone or e-mail.  I do not diagnose at all I only check with your body to see what it needs to heal.

To purchase the highest quality Golden Seal on the market go to my Nature’s Sunshine site


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10 Healthy Holiday Gifts!

It’s that time of year again where the shopping can get out of control. Why not keep it simple this year? The gift of health is something that everyone will love! I have some interesting ideas for you that you may not of thought of yet.  Hopefully these will inspire you to make someone very happy by letting them know how much you care about them and want them to be around for a long time.

  1. A bottle of the person’s favorite Essential Oil. Lavender is a safe bet if you don’t know their favorite and is so versatile too. This Lavender Body Wrap is a great addition along with a Lavender Eye Pillow.Add a book of essential oil recipes or find them yourself online, print them out, put them together and you’ve got a wonderful, healing gift!
  2. Healthy Chocolate! These delicious bars have 55% Cacao and are sweetened with alkalizing and good for you Xylitol. They come in either Dark Chocolate or Raspberry/Dark Chocolate. Perfect for anyone who has blood sugar issues like Diabetes as they don’t cause a rise in blood sugar. Oh my gosh they are really good. 🙂
  3. How about a tasty drink that has numerous health benefits? Thai-go is the perfect choice. This high antioxidant drink quells inflammation in the body and helps to protect it from free radicals from pollution, tobacco smoke, ultraviolet light, radiation and from the body’s own processes.
  4. Two products that are a must have for personal care and for home use are the Nature’s Sunshine Concentrate and the Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray.  The multiple uses of these 2 products are too many to list here but if you purchase these and want to include a list of uses I will provide them for you! Just send me an e-mail with the words NSP cleaning recipes in the subject and I will get them to you. You will be amazed at everything these do and they last a long time too.
  5. Herbal Beverage for the person who is working on getting off of caffeine and needs a healthy substitute. It has a wonderful flavor and is very healing and alkalizing to the body. Check my last post as I have a great recipe that you can print out on a cute recipe card for the person as well. Oh and you could throw in a bottle of Caffeine Detox, a homeopathic remedy, for good measure as this will help with minor caffeine withdrawal.
  6. Do you know someone who suffers with anxiety or fear? Then I would highly recommend Distress Remedy, an alcohol-free flower remedy, that will help the person calm down from emotional upset plus it has the added benefits of comfrey, arnica and calendula for minor accidents, injuries and bruises; pain and inflammation.  And I would include Nutri-Calm (comes in a 60 or 100 count bottle) as it soothes frayed nerves, aids in relaxation and encourages restful sleep, boosts the immune system,  helps provide energy,  is a source of antioxidants (vitamin C and lemon bioflavonoids) and provides other nutrients essential to good health.
  7. Tei-Fu® Massage Lotion is the gift people will flip over. I’m not kidding, it’s that good! It is amazing for muscle and joint pain as it is cooling and warming at the same time. Whenever I have back pain or soreness I have my husband apply this and I feel immediate relief. It contains essential oils of menthol, wintergreen, camphor, eucalyptus and clove in a base of massage lotion.
  8. For the person on the go why not give Solstic Nutrition. Convenient single-serve drink mix packets that provides 100% or more of the daily value of 18 vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health. Perfect for someone who wants to stay healthy but doesn’t have a lot of time or for someone who travels frequently.
  9. Don’t forget the kids on your list. They want to be healthy too! The new NSP Sunshine Heroes Children’s line fits the bill. These soft-chews are so good that kids will be asking to take their vitamins!   Perfect as stocking stuffers too.
  10. And last but not least choose from the line of healthy sugar-free Xylitol sweetened products.  Offering Cinnamon, Green Tea, Peppermint and Spearmint gum (good for your teeth); Peppermint, Berry and Lemon Mints; Xylibrite Toothpaste and Xylitol Mouthwash; and don’t forget your bulk Xylitol for all your baking needs this holiday season!

I hope this list has inspired you to give the gift of health this year. Happy Holidays!

To purchase the products listed at wholesale prices click here and make a purchase of $40.00 or more and you become a member. There are no fees or quotas and if you purchase 100QV or more in a calender month you get a 10% rebate! Please contact me for more information and if you are interested in starting your own business and would like to share the health email me at Paige at mynsp dot com.

Please share your favorite healthy gift you like to give during the holidays!

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Coffee Alternative – Healthy Drink Recipe

Working with many nutrition clients over the years I have seen addictions to certain foods literally take over their lives. One of these addictions is to Coffee. Telling people they need to cut back or avoid this substance for health reasons sets off an intense cascade of emotions inside them. I will work with them to determine what that deep need is all about. There is a physiological component but also it’s very emotionally based. They like the warm drink in the morning (it soothes them) they of course like the taste too but it revolves around the ritual of the drink above all else.  I’ve never been a coffee drinker so I’m not attuned to the need for this substance but oddly enough I love the coffee flavor. My favorite flavor of ice cream (when I was eating sugar which was my addiction) was Coffee. And while I’m sharing I will admit to another past strange food combination I used to eat. When I was younger I used to dunk my Oreos in coffee! How’s that for confessions today? ;0)

Anyway after changing my detrimental diet ways I have now learned how to satisfy my taste buds with healthier and yes even delicious alternatives. And so can you! If you are addicted to coffee or anything else you know isn’t creating health in your body. Ahem…iodized salt, sugar, soda, etc. here is a recipe to spark your interest in trying something new that’s not only healthier for you but tasty as well. Now it does take some time to get used to “different” so don’t give up too soon. Your taste buds have been used to it one way and they need time to make the crossover. Go ahead you can do it!

Herbal Coffee or Frappuccino – Great hot or cold

2 teaspoons NSP Herbal Beverage (caffeine-free coffee substitute) Make it hot like coffee
Coconut or Almond Milk to taste
1 tablespoon grade B maple syrup or Xylitol to sweeten
1-1/2 scoops chocolate Protein Powder (I like Healthy-n-Fit) or you could use a vanilla Protein Powder and add in Organic Cocoa Powder
3-6 ice cubes if you want cold, otherwise heat on the stove
Place ingredients in the blender
Blend to make a smoothie.
Whip cream optional!! 🙂

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