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Blue Vervain for Coughs & Congestion

A couple of weeks ago I wasn’t taking care of myself the way I usually do.  Not eating well, doing too much and stressed more than usual due to our getting a new puppy. Well you probably can guess what came from that. Yes, I got sick with a cold. I haven’t been sick in I can’t remember when and it really was a good lesson to remind me of what I need to do to take care of myself. I loaded up on all my herbs and vitamins including AL-J, Goldenseal, Zinc Lozenges and drank a lot of tea and chicken broth. But one herb besides my favorite herb combo AL-J really made a huge difference in my quick recovery. That herb is Blue Vervain. It’s not an herb people usually know a lot about but it’s a wonderful one to have in your herbal medicine chest. I was beginning to get the obligatory cough so I took 1/4 tsp. of the liquid Blue Vervain in some water twice a day for just one day and it made a huge difference. I took a few more doses for good measure but the cough was gone!  Now I know this stuff works because my clients tell me their stories of healing but when you experience such amazing results yourself it really makes an impression.  So today I wanted to share my experience with you so that if you are having any respiratory issues or are experiencing any of the other things listed below you can try Blue Vervain.

Here are just a few of the things it has been traditionally used for:

  • Relieves congestion and cleans out body toxins.
  • It was used to save lives during the Medieval plagues.
  • In the liquid form, is given to small children to help relieve colds and fever with a relaxing effect.
  • It can help as part of a liver cleanses when there is inflammation and jaundice.
  • Calms coughing including whooping cough and croup
  • Settles stomachs
  • Expels phlegm from throat and lungs.
  • Expels worms.
  • Alleviates upper respiratory conditions.
  • Bronchitis
  • Anemia (it’s high in Iron)
  • Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Insomnia
  • Neuralgia and Neuritis

Contraindications: Should not be used during pregnancy as it may be a uterine stimulant. Should not be taken with antidepressants and sedative drugs.

Have you tried Blue Vervain? What is your favorite herb for colds and coughs?


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How to prevent a cold or flu

This time of year rolls around and so many people I talk to are either suffering with colds and flu or have recently and haven’t been able to kick it to the curb as fast as they would like. So I thought I would give you a series of posts on how to prevent illness, what to do if you get a cold or flu, what to take when you have a cold and flu and much more so come back for more information on how to keep you and your family healthy all year round!

1. Vitamin C – 3,000 mg. per day for prevention. “Try to feed your body in advance by taking extra vitamin C during cold and flu season. This way, when you’re exposed to an onslaught of germs, you won’t be as likely to come down with it. Nature’s Sunshine’s Vitamin C w/Citrus Bioflavonoids are my favorite.

2. Stock up on Probiotics. Acidophilus and Bifidophilus are friendly bacteria, which help your digestion, keep invading bacteria at bay and boost your immune system. Probiotics also counteract problems caused by taking antibiotics, which kill the friendly flora, wreaking havoc on your digestive and immune systems. I also recommend Probiotic Eleven to my clients as this is a very potent combination of eleven strains of friendly bacteria. I usually rotate people through the three products.

3. Go for the garlic. NSP has given us High Potency Garlic, covered by Chlorophyll and coated to dissolve in the intestinal tract, not in the stomach where it can affect your breath. Remember odorless garlic does nothing for the immune system.

4. Wash your hands and keep them out of your mouth, ears, nose and eyes. When I am around those who are sick I spritz my Guardian Essential Oil spritzer on my hands. (See recipe below)

Adding a few drops of Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree, or Guardian Essential Oil in your bottle of liquid soap will make it antibacterial. NSP has all of these plus it makes your soap smell good as well.

5. Drink your quota of water every day between meals. To stay hydrated I use this formula:
Your weight in pounds divided in half = how many ounces of water you need to drink per day. Drink between meals not with meals so you don’t dilute your digestive juices.

If you drink caffeine or alcoholic drinks, then add another 2 glasses of water for every one cup of these beverages you consume.

6. Get enough sleep. The body heals while it sleeps.

7. Don’t wait till you get the flu — use PREVENTION homeopathic drops from NSP or take your antioxidants every day like Thai go (great for kids), Defense Maintenance or Vit C, High Potency Grapine, Herbasaurs Chewable Antioxidant w/Grapine for kids, or Super Antioxidant.

**I also have an exciting offer for you today! If after reading this information you are wondering what would be exactly the right product for you then wonder no longer. I am offering a 15 minute FREE consultation either by phone or e-mail so that you can get the BEST thing for you. For more information e-mail me at Paige at mynsp dot com and we’ll schedule a time for you to give your body exactly what it wants and what it needs. This offer is good through February 28th so don’t wait contact me today!**

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Traditional Herbal Helps for Babies and Children

Kids like herbs too!  They respond well to herbs and recover quickly with their use. Just make sure you follow the dosing schedule below. If you would like I would be happy to discuss your child’s specific needs. Email or call me with questions.

ALLERGIES/ASTHMA – Liquid Hawthorn Extract, licorice and lobelia along with the homeopathic asthma. Echinacea/Goldenseal, Astragalus (do not use in presence of a fever), Vitamin C w/Bioflavanoids, Zinc or Zinc Lozenges.

ANEMIA – Liquid Red Clover– gentle blood and liver builder and soothing to the nerves.
Liquid Chlorophyll from Alfalfa has 12 vitamins and 12 minerals plus a touch of spearmint. This is great for a child who eats very little vegetables.

BONES – Liquid Calcium or Herbal CA opened and placed in applesauce.

TEETH – Black Walnut Extract-loaded with important trace minerals essential for bones and tooth enamel.

BEVERAGESHerbal Punch-A nutritious concentrate that tastes like wild cherry and is full of healthful ingredients.

COLIC – Catnip and Fennel Extract. Dilute. Excellent for digestive distress, cramps, nausea, allergy. Tasty.

COLONLB extract-gently feeds and stimulates the liver, gallbladder, and colon. Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice. Flax Seed oil(sluggish).  Magnesium tablets chewed up is the first and best choice. Bulk slippery elm in juice for fiber if needed.  Bifidophilus – open the capsule and place the content in yogurt or apple sauce.

DIARRHEA – Hydrated Bentonite, Slippery Elm blended in diluted apple juice, Red Raspberry extract.

FLUHerbasaurs Elderberry Chewable-Clinically proven to shorten the duration of the flu and tastes great.

VIRUSES VS-C liquid (also helpful for warts). Pau d’Arco Extract-Builds immune/blood vitality. Peppermint oil-rub a few drops over the liver/gallbladder area. Dilute with a carrier oil if skin is tender.

INJURIESHealing A-C Cream containing Arnica and Calendula-excellent healers for bruises, burns, rashes, wounds. Inflammation or Pain Homeopathic-Taken internally for accelerated wound healing. Tei Fu Oils-very impressive results if applied immediately to a bruise or welt.

NERVES – Licorice Extract/Hawthorn extract for nerve and blood sugar stabilization, brain energy. Lobelia essence, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Tei fu-a few drops of each oil and a few droppers of lobelia rubbed down the neck and spine. Sress-J extract internally for stress and to help get to sleep.

LUNGS – ALJ-Liquid used for allergies, asthma, mucous congestion, sinus.

SINUSESCC-A with Yerba Santa-immune help and expectorant. Herbal Cough Syrup-Natural and efficient Add Dulse if persistent. DHA or Omega 3-EPA-strengthens lungs and sinuses for cold prevention in winter especially.

UPSET STOMACHPapaya Mint Chewables-upset tummy, indigestion, great for a treat. Hydrated Bentonite , a clay suspension that absorbs toxins, or slippery elm-stomach flu, food poisoning, diarrhea.

YEASTPau d’Arco Extract, Black Walnut Extract, Acidophilus, Bifidophilus, Candida Homeopathic-antifungal, immune builders.

FUNGUS – Avoid sugar, yeast bread, dairy, desserts, fruit juices until it clears. Topically you can apply Tea Tree Oil.

VITAMINS – Herbasaurs Chewable and Liquid Multi. or liquid VitaWave. Chewable Antioxidant/ Chewable Elderberry for immunity. Thai Go and Red Clover (toxin drainage/transport), DHA supports cellular structure, brain health, and immunity.

Here is the dosage chart that will tell you how much to give to your child depending on their age and weight. The dosage is in comparison to the normal adult dosage.

  • 1/2 dose for children 10-14 years
  • 1/3 dose for children 6- 10 years
  • 1/4 dose for children 2-6 years
  • 1/8 dose for infants and babies

If you have questions about any of the products listed or to see if they are right for your child, or for dosages specifically for your child please email me at Paige at mynsp dot com.

For more information about Paige and find out more about Nature’s Sunshine visit my web site: Natural Health Answers

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